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How to Prevent Torsion Springs From Snapping

How to Prevent Torsion Springs From Snapping
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Who likes dealing with broken garage door parts? As much as we all hate to get involved in technical tasks when the door doesn't open, we are simply out of choices. That's exactly what will happen if the torsion spring snaps. Even though the job of all parts is to ensure the full opening and closing of the overhead door, without the spring you are out of luck. No other component has the power springs have to lift the heavy door. The cables and the opener will try very hard but the door will hardly move. So, when springs break you are not just stuck in the garage unable to get the car out, but the pressure of the door's weight will also fall on the other parts and they will be damaged as well.

Therefore, the first advice we can offer is: DON'T try to open the door if the torsion spring is cut in half. The second advice is related to your safety. DON'T try to fix the spring on your own. It's never safe enough and the risks are still plenty even if the spring is broken. It's best to trust Garage Door Repair Callahan. What you can do is to try to prevent springs from breaking. It doesn't take too many efforts on your end but simply some inspections and keeping the whole system in good condition.

Maintain the torsion spring at least once a year

How to Prevent Torsion Springs From Snapping

When the garage door is checked and maintained frequently, you will less likely have to deal with a broken garage door spring. One of the first things you should do is to keep your mind on dates. When was the last time you bought the torsion spring? When was the last time you maintained it? Garage door springs are all designed to last for a certain cycle number. By cycle, we mean the opening and closing of the door. If your spring was designed to last for ten thousand cycles, you must calculate how many times you open the door each day and find out how many years they will last. In the meantime, they need tuning up. When you lubricate the other parts, don't forget the spring. Just spray a few drops on it and use your hand to apply the lubricant evenly on the whole surface.

The first signs of spring wear and tear are sagging and uneven opening of the door. So, it's vital to check the balance of the door regularly or whenever you see a tiny gap under either side of the door. In this case, there is probably need for garage door torsion spring adjustment. Another mission of springs is to counterbalance the door. If they don't, the door becomes very heavy and the opener works overtime in order to lift it. If you don't take care of the problem immediately, the opener will be damaged and the spring will soon break. It's recommended to check the balance on the door once or twice a year just to see that the spring is doing a fine job.

All you have to do is to disconnect the electric garage door opener by pulling the release cord and open the door a bit higher than knee level. Due to gravity the door will want to slide down and it will be kept open thanks to springs. So, if you notice that the door won't stay still, the springs must be checked and adjusted. This is done with the help of the right size winding bar since the spring tension must be added, but the set screws must be loosened up first. Then the spring is turned till the door is balanced and remains still when it is open mid-way. With the torsion spring well-adjusted, lubricated and in good condition, you will hardly have any problems. 

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